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N° 25 - 2015. Aux marges de la vallée du Nil
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Béatrix Midant-Reynes
La ville de Bouto (Pé) sous la 1ère dynastie. Etude d'une mention inédite inscrite sur une étiquette méconnue découverte à Abou Rawach (Louvre Inv. AF 11872)
Matthieu Begon
The Early Hieroglyphic Annotation in the Nag el-Hamdulab Rock Art Tableaux, and the Following of Horus in the Northwest Hinterland of Aswan
John Coleman Darnell
Golden beads in the context of the Lower Egyptian culture
Joanna Debowska-Ludwin, Karolina Rosinska Balik & Marcin Czarnowicz
The Significance of Predynastic Canid Burials in Ancient Egypt
Mary Hartley
On-going Investigations at the Predynastic to Early Dynastic site of Kafr Hassan Dawood : Copper, Exchange and Tephra
Fekri A. Hassan, Geoffrey J. Tassie, Thilo Rehren & Joris van Wetering
Preliminary Investigations into the Production of Glazed Steatite Beads : Discussing the Use of Turquoise during the Badarian Period in Egypt
Maarten Horn
Gebel Sheikh Suleiman : a First Dynasty relief after all...
Claire Somaglino & Pierre Tallet
Bibliography of the Prehistory and the Early Dynastic Period of Egypt and Northern Sudan. 2015 Addition
Stan Hendrickx & Wouter Claes
Origins 5. Le Caire 13-18 avril 2014. Compte rendu de la conférence internationale organisée au Caire du 13 au 18 avril 2014
Evelyne Faivre & Marie-Noël Bellessort
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