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N° 19 - 2009. L’art rupestre de la vallée du Nil et des déserts égyptiens.
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Summary :
Les images rupestres du Jebel el-‘Uweynât
Jean-Loic Le Quellec
The rock art Jebel Uweinat . Some results of the ongoing survey
Andràs Zboray
Prehistoric Rock Art Research in the Western Desert of Egypt
Heiko Riemer
Djara- Cave Art in Egypt’s Western Desert
Erich Classen , Karin Kindermann , Andreas Pastoors
Drawing the World : Petroglyphs from Kharga oasis
Salima Ikram
Iconographic Attraction , Iconographic Syntax , and Tableaux of Royal Ritual Power In the Pre- and Proto-Dynastic Rock Inscriptions of the Theban Western Desert
john Coleman Darnell
Late Palaeolithic an Epipalaeolithic Rock Art in Egypt : Qurta and El-Hosh
Dirk Huyge
A Prehistoric Geometric Rock Art Landscape by the First Nile Cataract
Per Storemyr
Rock art from West Bank Aswan And Wadi Abu Subeira
Maria Carmela Gatto , Stan Hendrickx, Sara Roma , Daniela Zampetti
A lost Predynastic-Early Dynastic royal scene from Gharb Aswan
Stan Hendrickx , Nabil Swelim , Francesco Raffaele , Merel Eyckerman , Renée Friedman
King Den In South-Sinai : The Earliest Monumental Rock Inscriptions of the Pharaonic Period
Moustafa Resk Ibrahim , Pierre Tallet
Predynastic settlement and cemeteries at Nag el-Qarmila Kubbaniya
Maria Carmela Gatto, Morgan De Dapper , Rainer Gerisch, Elizabeth Hart , Stan Hendrickx , Tomas Herbich , Hanna Joris, Hans-Ake Nordström, Mindy Pitre, Sara Roma , Dawid Swiech , Donatella Usai
Bibliography of the Prehistory and the Early Dynastic period Of Egypt and Nothern Sudan. 2009 Addition
Stan Hendrickx
Lectures A Propos de Pierre M. Vermeersch (ed).A Holocene Prehistoric Sequence in the Egyptian Red Sea Area : the Tree Shelter
Yann Tristant
A propos de Annie Gasse & Vincent Rondot . Les inscriptions du Séhel
Yann Tristant
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